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Buranga Camp

  • June 19, 2013

On the 11 and 12 June, 11 Year 6 students attended Buranga Camp at The Mapelton Centre.

The aim of this camp was to encourage students of similar strengths and talents and over the two days the students were given the opportunity to participate in workshops to expand their knowledge, skills and abilities in the discipline that they were selected for.

Activities and learning experiences were varied and all groups met together at the end of the second day to showcase their efforts and finished work. The showcase was a snapshot of what they had done throughout the camp and parents were invited.

Buranga camp is organized by the Sunshine Coast Independent Primary Heads Association each year and all the Independent Primary Schools on the Sunshine Coast are invited to attend.

Here are some of the students’ reflections which they shared with the primary school at assembly on Monday.

Kirra (English) said, “What I liked about Buranga was that I got to learn about different writing genres. I had really wonderful teachers and I got to achieve my goal – to write a completed short story. I hope to get my story published.”

Casey (Maths) said, “My task was to design and build a scale model of a garden. I had a budget of $50 000. The garden had to have fencing, grass, a body of water, a paved area, a patio, a tessellating pattern, furniture and a 200m house on the block. I finished with all of these and I gained a profit of $5, 787. My favourite part was building the scaled model.”

Josh (Science) said, “I went to Buranga camp to learn about Science. In Science we tested the pH level of household liquids, looked at titration and chemical analysis and we made sherbet. We also had great fun designing and racing balloon racers. My favourite part was making, testing and trialing the balloon racers. For the showcase we had to race our cars. My balloon popped! I loved this camp”

Gail Mitchell, Assistant Head of Primary

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