Buranga Camp 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Buranga Camp 2014

  • June 24, 2014

On the 10 and 11 June, eleven Year 6 students attended Buranga Camp at the Mapelton Centre, where they took part in a learning intensive experience in one of the following disciplines; Science, Math, English, Art and Music. The students met together on the second day of the camp to showcase their accomplishments and parents were invited to attend.

Each year Buranga Camp is organized by the Sunshine Coast Independent Primary Heads Association and all the Independent Primary Schools on the Sunshine Coast are invited to attend. The purpose of Buranga Camp is to give students the opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge, work with students from other schools with similar strengths, make new friends and have lots of fun. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves, step outside their comfort zone and become they best that they can be.

In English students created an e-Magazine and in Science, students worked in the disciplines of Physics and Chemistry. The Math group had to design and cost a landscaping project build a model and in Art students were exposed to silk painting and water pastels. In Music the students had to opportunity to fine- tune their singing skills as they worked on a 3 part harmonies and other intricate choral performances.

This is what the students had to say about their experience:

Maddie: The English group’s challenge was to create a magazine aimed at kids our age to inspire them to write. We had to put on our green thinking hat (creative thinking hat) and get imaginative! My magazine was called “Inspired” and it was a bit of everything, from things about pets to crafts and advice on writing a narrative. We also had to create a “secret weapon” that had never been seen in a magazine before. Lastly, we made our own website and posted our magazine on it. At the end of the camp, parents were invited to come and see us showcase our masterpieces as we put these on display. We had a great time and we also got to meet new friends and work with them. I would definitely recommend this camp to anyone. I learnt a lot and it was great fun!

Emma: The food there was so good that we almost always went back for seconds. In the afternoon of the first day most of us went on a bush hike to relax after a hard day of work while some of us stayed in our cabins and continued working. In English we had to make a magazine and in the Maths group they had to make a scale model of a garden and stay within a budget of $5000. In Science they did lots of experiments like making sherbet and deciding which type and amount of liquid will shoot a rocket bottle the highest.

Patrick: At Buranga I was a member of the Maths team. Our challenge was to draw and then build a model to scale that had to meet many requirements. What was tough about Buranga was just getting all of the requirements to scale and finding lots of prices. Boys slept in cabins in Harrison Lodge. Buranga also had really good food. I recommend that if you are chosen… you should go, because it is a fantastic opportunity to develop your skills and your knowledge.

Buranga Camp was a wonderful opportunity for our students and we look forward to taking another group in 2015.

Gail Mitchell, Assistant Head of Primary






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