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Building Better Leaders in Primary

  • March 14, 2024

Building Better Leaders in Primary

Last week saw Character Builders come to run a workshop with our Primary Leaders and our Year 6 cohort as a whole.

The morning started with our 12 Primary Leaders joining in some great activities and discussions about how they can be effective leaders in a Primary school context. The team from Character Builders had our students talking about ‘leading up, leading back, leading forward, and how our leadership can have a domino effect on those around them.

This led to a great activity where the team had to try and build a domino track that was super long and had no breaks in the chain. This example showed our students that everyone plays a key part in the team.

Students were also involved in creating balloon towers where they needed to communicate well and work together in a stressful environment.

Finally, they had Conversation Circles that had them talking to each other with eye contact and intentionality building deeper connections, confidence, and social intelligence.

After the break, our Year 6 cohort joined in the fun when we had an Amazing Race. Students worked in small groups to complete a ranch of challenges that required everyone to be involved and push themselves out of their comfort zone to achieve for the team.

The last session had our Student Leaders running Conversation Circles with the whole grade and showing what they had learned in the morning session. Finally, we had a Big Ups time where students practiced the art of complimenting well and giving public recognition to each other

This reinforced the message that powerful leaders understand the importance of encouraging others and serving the needs of others by affirming the strengths and qualities that will benefit the community.

Overall it was a fantastic day and we are blessed to have such an amazing group of students in our Year 6 cohort this year!

Adrian Ford, Assistant Head of Primary (3-6)

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