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Building a positive culture

  • March 31, 2021

Building a positive culture

Building Positive Culture – in the World and in our School 

A few weeks ago, Middle School students enjoyed Harmony Day activities. We are blessed to have the cultural diversity represented by our students! This year some of our Middle Schoolers were able to share a small but rich and fabulous slice of their music, dancing, musical instruments and insights into these with a Pacific Islander performance. What a wonderful eye opener to their world and lives. There were also tropical food items for the students to enjoy. Watching all of our Middle School students dancing along to the beat of the drums was a wonderful picture of Harmony Day celebrations. Special thanks to the Juste-Constant and James family for this performance. 

GCC families can see all the photos and videos on Pixevety.

It was fitting that this day was also the day for Action Against Bullying. Unfortunately, we see that people can suffer discrimination or harassment due to their race or creed. Jesus began his ministry by reading from the book of Isaiah, where there was a call to free the captives and the oppressed. Our College GREAT values epitomise that all peoples deserve honour and respect and our attitudes should reflect this.

Students completed an anonymous survey on this day. It provided the opportunity for students to let us know of students they have noticed that are causing problems or if they wanted GCC staff to follow-up with them. If the GCC staff are not informed, help with any problems is not possible and we can also ignorantly think our school is going well. Please talk to us so that we can address and support our students. Our Pastoral Care teachers and Year Level Coordinators know your children well and are ready to assist and help them. It’s also important to remember that often problems don’t go away after one intervention and that staff need to know if it continues. We encourage our parents that, if you need to, please open a line of communication with someone at our school so that we can work together on making Glasshouse Christian College the best school environment for your child.

Term 2 – a few notes

Winter uniform is required, for boys, it is tie and belts with shirts tucked in. As well, a reminder that the maroon jumper must be worn with the formal uniform and can be worn with the sports uniform. A sports jacket is optional and is not allowed to be worn with the formal uniform. For students in Years 7 and 8, it will be a good idea to get the jumper early on before the Canberra rush. Please ensure your child’s name is clearly marked on the jumper label.

Interim Reports will be made available on Gateway to parents in the first week of Term 2. Please be reminded that this report is to be treated as a progress report only and complete assessment grades are provided at the end of the semester.

Live Reporting grades and specific teacher feedback of all assessment items are available to parents through Gateway as they are marked. 

Parent Teacher Interviews will be held on Tuesday 27 April. More information about booking and the format of these will be sent out by email.

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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