Bronze and Silver awards for Run Around Australia - Glasshouse Christian College

Bronze and Silver awards for Run Around Australia

  • May 8, 2013
The competition is very fierce this year with Year 5G in the lead at the moment but their lead is being cut down as other classes close the gap. Will they get to the finish line first or will another class squeeze past them?

Bronze, Silver and Gold awards can be won by students as we run. Students who run 80 laps which is 25 km achieve a Bronze Award, students who run 140 laps or 42 kms (the length of a marathon) achieve a Silver Award and those running a massive 200 laps or 60 km are presented with a Gold Award.

This week we congratulated many students who received Bronze Awards.

Four boys have run 140 laps so far and these boys received the Silver Award.  Christian Jensen Year 6M,  Rick Kombanie, Dominic Ruhle and Patrick McKenzie from Year 5G have all run 42 km so for in the Run Around Australia Challenge. Great effort boys!

Wendy Stott

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