Book Week 2019 - photo gallery - Glasshouse Christian College

Book Week 2019 – photo gallery

  • August 22, 2019

Book Week 2019 – photo gallery

We are thrilled to share the photos of our Book Week events in this issue of the Eagle. The theme for Book Week 2019 was ‘Reading is my superpower’. What a massive week of dressing up we have had and didn’t the students and staff do well! Thanks to all the parents, friends and families who spent time preparing all the wonderful costumes.

We’ve moved all the photos to our photo-sharing platform, Pixevety. GCC families can see all the photos in the albums below and even download ones of their children in a high-resolution format for printing.

PW Book Week

PG Book Week

Middle School Character Day

Senior School Character Day

Character Day – general

Book Parade by library camera

Primary Book Week by GCC camera

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