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Battle of the classes

  • October 1, 2020

Battle of the classes

The Year 5 and 6 students have missed Interschool Sport this year so we had an interclass sports competition, called Battle of the Classes. Each class entered a touch football team and a netball team to do battle against the other classes. Students have been learning touch football and netball in PE during this term so this was a great way to test their ability and improve their game play. 

The touch games were played at a fast pace and high level and the netball games also featured some fluent and determined play. 140 students did battle in eight netball teams and six touch teams. 

After every team had played each other, teams were ranked and finals were played. 6M who had won every game convincingly played 6G in the netball final. These teams had a great game but the fluency of passes, determination in defence and the accuracy of shooting by Ava Scott gave 6M the victory, winning 5 – 2.

The touch football 1 vs 2 final was a very close and fast paced game between 6W and 6G. Both teams played the ball quickly making valuable metres in attack but then also defended as a team to stop tries being scored. For his reason this was a low scoring game with 6W beating 6G 2 -1 and finishing as winners.

Presentations were made to the winning teams but then the overall champion class had to be determined by a countback of the highest number of wins over the whole completion. 6M were victorious winning 10 games to 6W’s 9 wins and were presented with the Battle of the Classes trophy. 

It was fantastic to have so many students participating in the competition and the teachers were fantastic refs as well. Every team improved greatly throughout the competition and the teamwork and sportsmanship shown was fantastic. 

Wendy Stott

Parents who have downloaded the Pixevety photo-sharing platform can see all the exciting photos here.

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