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Autumn “Indie” style for Middle School

  • November 13, 2013

On Wednesday 6 November our Middle School students and teachers were treated to a performance by local Caboolture based band “Autumn”.

Autumn is made up of two 18 year olds (Jay and Tom) who have only recently graduated from Mueller College. Their talent for music and singing coupled with their love for the Lord, caused them to start a band and create great music. They play “Indie” style songs, which is very laid back and soothing.  While listening you can almost feel as if you have walked into an inner city café at midnight, surrounded by fairy lights, soft couches and with the gentle smell of chai latte in the air.

It was certainly not your typical music for middle schoolers! But the response from many of our students was extremely positive. In fact I’ve already had to take down names of students who want to buy CDs as soon as they are produced! The band is currently working on recording their first EP (Extended Play CD) so hopefully we won’t be waiting too long.

During their performance both Jay and Tom shared short testimonies of God’s work in their own lives. Tom shared about his battle with depression, from which God saved him and set him free. Jay shared about God’s provision while on a mission trip to Cambodia that went all wrong. Their main message was that when we try to do life in our own strength we will find out soon enough that we aren’t strong enough. But if we trust in God, He will always be strong enough to carry us through any obstacle.

Their final song was all about Jay’s life and how God was the one who pulled her through even the toughest of days.

We would like to thank autumn for coming up to our school to play for us during Chapel. Special thanks also goes to Colleen Devitt and our hospitality students who made a very tasty lunch for the band.

You can keep up with the Band on Facebook. Just search for Autumn under Musican/Band.

Mick Spann, Youth Pastor GCBC


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