Aussie Legends Lunch - Glasshouse Christian College

Aussie Legends Lunch

  • March 13, 2013
There were footballs, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars at the Aussie Legends’ Lunch hosted by Year 10 Hospitality students on Thursday 7 March. The footballs were for decoration and the Holden cars were in the car park but the meat pies and kangaroo sausages were accompanied by a banquet of Aussie favourites such as mini pavlovas, lamingtons, ginger beer, lamb burgers, prawn cocktails and Anzac biscuits.
The delicious treat for staff, Middle and Senior School students was all a part of Year 10’s unit on ‘World on a Plate’. This week it was back to the land of Oz as students explored their Australian cuisine heritage.  Students learned where Australian food came from, how it developed over the years and the significant contribution of multiculturalism and international influences. Head of Hospitality, Miss Colleen Devitt said, “Australians have a proud tradition of embracing diversity through food.”
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