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Ancient History Excursion

  • March 18, 2015

Year 10 and 11 Ancient History students had an opportunity to experience real archaeology at the Abbey Museum Caboolture on Thursday March 5. Students were shown through the fascinating collection at the museum itself before participating in a recreated archaeological dig site. Students applied proper methods, excavating, recording and sketching artifacts from part of an ancient Roman cottage and enjoyed hearing fascinating stories from real dig sites around the world. The temperatures were in the high 30’s on the day and a big thanks to our students who participated with enthusiasm that brought genuine praise from the staff at the museum.

by Rob Maguire (teacher)

A few weeks ago on Thursday 5 of March, the Year 10 and 11 Ancient History classes went on an exciting archaeological excursion to the Abbey Museum in Caboolture.  First up, we got to have look around the museum, and admire the extremely diverse and interesting collection on display that covers over 500,000 years of human history. It contains artifacts from ancient Egypt, the middle ages, Ancient Greece, as well as dozens more in its collection of objects such as glassware, jewellery, and cookware. However, we mainly focused on the Ancient Roman era, because that was the second part of our excursion: A mock Archaeological dig! We were shown a big pit with string lines across it to represent the different dig areas. Once we were shown how to dig, divided into teams of three and given a trowel, we all unearthed a multitude of Roman artifacts such as pottery, weapons, jewellery, and even a skeleton! All in all, it was a great day from which we were able to learn a lot, as well as having fun and getting our hands dirty.

by Holly Dodwell (student)

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