Alumni catch up: Ben Giles - Glasshouse Christian College

Alumni catch up: Ben Giles

  • June 15, 2022

Alumni catch up: Ben Giles

Ben Giles was our College Captain in 2014 so it was great to hear from him recently. Here is what he has been up to:

“I’m currently a paramedic with the Queensland Ambulance Service, working out of Cloncurry in the northwest of the state. It’s about an 18/19 hour drive from you guys.

“I’ve been in the northwest and working in the various stations up here for the last two years. I’m also working casually as a registered nurse at Cloncurry hospital. 

“Currently, it is the best time to be out northwest. We’re in the middle of the sports season out here so we’ve got rodeos, horse, camel, and canoe races happening practically every weekend at the moment. I attend plenty as a paramedic but definitely enjoy the social times too. 

“And I have a dog! I got a cattle cross collie named Luna that takes up a lot of my limited downtime. 

“I’ve sent a couple of photos. The casual photo is with a couple of the guys I work with up here, and there’s a bigger group photo in uniform as well. The big group photo (I’m far left) was taken at a mass casualty training exercise last year at the Mt Isa airport, simulating a two-plane collision.”

Benjamin Giles, GCC Alumni and College Captain 2014

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