Agricultural Science News 15 May 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Agricultural Science News 15 May 2014

  • May 14, 2014

Ag. Science, as usual, has been full of interesting happenings.  Last week the students were able to participate in the post-harvest preparation of ginger for market.  The washed ginger had to be assessed and cut so that any poor quality or diseased pieces were rejected, with the top quality ginger packed in boxes ready for transport and sale.  Students learned about biosecurity protocols such as quarantine requirements.  There were also thoughtful discussion about the ethical considerations involved in producing healthy food.


The livestock at the “Green Valley” farm has recently increased in both number and diversity, with the Ag Science 2arrival of five Wiltipoll sheep.  The Wiltipoll breed is a robust, easy-care breed that was developed in Australia, using predominantly the Wiltshire breed and a mix of others.  It is an excellent breed for the Ag. Science program because it is polled (no horn) and a highly productive meat variety – frequently giving birth to twins and triplets!  The ewes are pregnant . . .  so there could be quite nursery of lambs soon!


Also on the livestock side of things, those who follow the GCCC Facebook page will already be aware that a gorgeous calf has been born this week! A big healthy boy arrived early in the week and the Facebook post is being inundated with some very creative names being suggested! So ‘stay tuned’ to our ‘Agventure’ articles – as there will soon be lambs and more calves appearing on the horizon.



Jade King

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