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Agricultural Studies Update

  • March 4, 2014

I just love that Agricultural education concepts are steeped in the sciences of biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, and the related areas of engineering and mathematics. Whilst covering all of these concepts, it is also an amazing combination of examining the theory behind farming practices, and conversely, practical opportunities implementing the theoretical concepts taught.

This month, the students have delved further into the anatomy, nutrition and growth of plants. Then they were able to apply this to crops that they have established and are now maintaining. On the more practical, hands-on side, students have started learning to safely operate the tractor, roll out and strain fences, inoculate seed and maintain water troughs.

The real excitement however, has been the arrival of a breeding set of Wessex Saddleback pigs. This rare breed, IMG_0886that many may have heard of on the TV series of ‘Gourmet Farmer’, has so many qualities going for it.  Firstly they are less likely to get sunburnt due to their darker colouring, they have a more succulent and tastier meat, have a great temperament and finally, they are just plain gorgeous! The students’ work on completing the pig paddock fencing has paid off and the content pigs are enjoying being the centre of attention of the Ag Science classes.

Finally, as with any new project started in this amazing community, the support afforded to it has been incredible and it is greatly appreciated. Already, we have a number of local farmers on board offering their industry expertise to ensure that the program is first class and that it reflects the local agricultural sector. It is with the greatest gratitude that we would like to thank the following people:

John Allen – StrawberriesIMG_0887
Nerida Allen – Red Brangus cattle
Ian Fullerton – Pineapples
Brett Newell – Lychees and Avacado
Cameron and Mary Lister – Macadamias
Peter and Annoeska Korczynski – Passionfruits

Jade King, Agricultural/Science Teacher

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