Agricultural Studies 21 March 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Agricultural Studies 21 March 2014

  • March 19, 2014

Fantastic Farming Community

Every now and then you hear of great stories of how the community pulls together to help start something amazing – well the Ag Science Program is one of these! This fortnight, John Allen and a team of generous helpers came in and transformed a bare paddock into a network of raised plastic covered planting beds! Furthermore, he shared his extensive practical and theoretical knowledge on the establishment process, its benefits and limitations.

It is proposed that these beds will be a great authentic learning opportunity for the Ag students. Firstly, students will be planting out five of the rows with five different varieties of strawberries that they will then maintain, harvest, market and sell as part of their Ag Science program.  Furthermore, the students will plant out another eight rows with two different varieties of pineapples, curtsey of both Ian and Ken Fullerton. Similar to Mr Allen, Mr Ian Fullerton has been a wealth of information regarding growing and maintaining pineapples, and the future Ag students will be rewarded when these come to harvest.

For both the strawberries and pineapples, the students will be able to use research techniques to compare the plant varieties, evaluating taste, storage qualities, marketability and productivity. The final 14 rows will be put to good use growing vegetables that the students will be aiming to market and sell to the school community.

It is an amazing blessing to have such a wonderful local farming community that can visualise the immense value of promoting and teaching agriculture to the next generation! We deeply thank everyone that has been a part of this program so far.

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Jade King, Ag/Science Teacher

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