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Agricultural Science – Show Time!

  • March 30, 2015

Agricultural Science has just become even more exciting with the announcement that students will have the opportunity to show stud cattle at the Kilocy, Woodford, Maleny and Caboolture shows! This amazing opportunity would not be possible without the Ferris’ who are allowing students to assist them to show their stud cattle. Students will be learning about grooming, clipping and basic husbandry and then be judged in the handlers’ class at each of the shows. This is set to be an amazing learning experience for the show team students.

Back on the Agricultural Science plot, students have been very hands-on planting loads of seeds and seedlings that will be kept in the very best environment within the newly built grow tunnel. Students have been planting masses of vegetable seeds and once at seedling stage, the students are planting them out in the horticultural plot. It would seem there is no limit to their enthusiasm, with the students planting in rain and blazing sun!

 Jade King, Head of Agricultural Science


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