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Agricultural Science News

  • December 1, 2020

Agricultural Science News

The PracAggies have been having a go at just about everything practical on-farm for stock management. The students have had loads of practice penning and handling the sheep, and also got involved in marking the lambs, which involved applying NILS tags and drenching. They also undertook some cattle management for both the farm cattle, but also went out to Murgon to work on Mr and Mrs Allen’s cattle breeding property for the day. At Murgon they got to work cattle in the yards and undertook vaccinating, ear-tagging and applying pour-on.

All year levels have been involved in the Aggie Eggs business concept with the new chicken caravan we were granted funding for by the Department of Agriculture’s – Agribusiness Gateway to Industry Schools program (AGISP). Students are learning all of the aspects of poultry management and running an agribusiness. Initially students began raising day old Isa Brown chicks during Term 1 and learnt about egg production and how consumer demand is trending towards an increase in free-range eggs and now are learning all about running the Aggie Eggs business.

Another fun and wacky adventure has been the Univeristy of New England’s Soil Your Undies project which the students are involved in this term. ‘Soil Your Undies’ is a citizen science campaign run by UNE and Cotton Australia that explores soil health and allows participants to share their experiences. For the challenge, the Aggies received a pair of 100% white cotton undies to bury in topsoil for two months. Along the way, the students will be learning about soil pH, texture and overall health. At the end of the two months, the undies will be retrieved, photographed and the level of decomposition recorded. If the undies have decomposed significantly, there is good biological activity which indicates healthy soil!

It has been a massive first year of Ag Practices and yet again a most successful year of Ag Science. Looking forward to next year and all it has in store for our amazing Aggies!

Jade King, Head of Agricultural Science

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