Agricultural Science News 29 May 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Agricultural Science News 29 May 2014

  • May 26, 2014

The “Agventure” continued this week for our Ag. Science students.  On 20 May they started their school day at 7:00am by boarding a bus for a trip to UQ Ag. Science campus at Gatton Agricultural College.   The students had precious cargo travelling on the bus with them – their tall, vigorous heavy-headed sunflower plants.  They entered five sunflower plants in the U.Q. Sunflower Competition.  Students doing Ag. Science in many schools across Queensland were competing in this annual event.

After being welcomed to the campus, the students participated in a series of science activities ranging from electrical conductivity in water collected from different sources, water retention properties of different soil types,  to mathematical formulae relating to patterns of seeds in the sunflower heads, and genetic probability of different traits in sunflowers.  These activities were followed by inspiring talks from three guest speakers with careers in Agricultural Science.  These speakers were passionate about their careers in plant breeding and plant pathology.

The highlight of the day for the Glasshouse Christian College Ag. Science students was the presentation of  first, second, and third prizes for their year level in the heaviest sunflower head category.   This was such an encouragement for them in only the first six months of the Ag. Science programme being offered at GCCC.

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