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Agricultural Science News 21/11/14

  • November 18, 2014

Agricultural Science News 21/11/14

This fortnight in Agricultural Science has seen the students gained loads of knowledge from local experts in their field. During this semester students have been studying Animal Science and loving it! Last term saw the students complete an in-depth investigation into the affect of the Lysine ratios on the daily growth of free-range Wessex Saddleback pigs. To continue on from the pigs nutrition to the process of pork production, this last fortnight the students learnt about the different cuts of meat from local home butcher, Rowan Hansan.  Students found the experience very rewarding and learnt about the butchering process, the various different cuts of meat and where those cuts originate from on the pig carcass.

Another informative experience gained this last fortnight originated from an unfortunate situation, where Gibson, our resident Ag Science Australian Kelpie, was hospitalised due to a paralyses tick. Students were given the opportunity to visit Landsborough Veterinary clinic and be presented with a talk and demonstration by vet Robyn. Students were informed about what occurs to the nervous system when an animal has a paralyses tick and how to perform a thorough tick check.

The Agricultural Science students benefit immensely from being able to learn from experts in authentic situations, and we greatly appreciate those that are able and willing to share their knowledge. A massive thank you goes out to both Rowan Hansan of Hansan Home Butchery and Robyn of Landsborough Vets for your time and knowledge.

Jade King

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