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Abbey Museum Visit

  • March 5, 2014

This term the year 11s and 12s have been studying Archaeology in their Ancient History classes. They invited three Year 10 students who wanted to study Ancient History next year to go on an excursion with them to the Abbey Museum in Caboolture.

This was an excursion to complete an archaeological dig. It was a perfect day to do it as well! We got to the Abbey around 9:30am, looked around in the museum and there were so many amazing things from a collection of items used in the past.

When it was time to do the excavation it was the best part of the day. We had a brief overview on what we had to do. We had to get into pairs, were assigned a coordinate and we had to dig in the little square that we had. So many things were dug up! There were: swords, a stove, mosaic tiles, bowls, vases, and most importantly a skeleton. We had to be so careful.

At a dig site, when you step on the dirt, you do not know if you are breaking something. After doing the digging we went into the Church. It was a small church/Abbey but it was beautiful. We were told about the stained glass windows that were in the walls and how the Abby’s volunteers had to do some work on them as they were broken (some dated back to the 12th century).

The entire excursion was brilliant. Thanks to Miss Gook, Mrs. Morris and our bus driver Robert for taking us to our excursion and for planning it all.

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Shannon Smith (Year 10)


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