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A very formal week

  • November 21, 2019

A very formal week

It was almost surreal seeing our Year 12 students transform themselves from school children into elegant young men and women for the Formal. Even though Formals are usually all about the cars, gowns and hairstyles, I particularly like the family focus we have at our GCC Formal. Parents and special friends can share in the event and a highlight is when the students give their parents a letter, a rose and chocolates before saying goodbye and going into dinner.

For those who couldn’t attend the event, you can see all the photos here.


The one time the Uniform Policy is not vigorously enforced is for the Year 12 graduates. The girls are allowed to wear their hair out and don’t have to remove all traces of their elegant nails from the Formal. They looked very smart in their gowns and mortarboards and it was a touching scene watching the Prep students hold their hands as they walked into the Sports Stadium.

This was the first time the Preps escorted the Year 12 students into their graduation but it was such a hit, I think it will quickly become a GCC tradition. Some Prep students were serious, concentrating on such an important job, others were excited and smiling and still others couldn’t stop looking at some of the girls’ nails!

The Legacy item was a creative, thoughtful and looked great in its home outside the library. It was a little crowded for the unveiling ceremony but I think we found the perfect spot to remember the Class of 2019.

Another first was having a parent speech at the graduation service. Mr Edwin Mens spoke on the joys and challenges of parenthood through graduation and beyond. Speeches by students, GCC Originals, Captains and teachers all reflected the rich tapestry of schooling the students enjoyed at Glasshouse Christian College.

After the service, the clap out is like a release for all the pent-up emotions. There were high fives, hugs, kisses, bubbles, flags and posters – and that was just from the Prep students!

On behalf of everyone at GCC, I would like to wish the Year 12 graduating students of 2019 all the very best. I look forward to learning of their accomplishments in the future.

Photos here.

Music Gala Night

What a wonderful night showcasing our students’ talent and musical learning journey. I was really impressed with the quality of the student performances and I think it’s obvious to everyone that GCC has some very talented students.

Our GCC parents can see all the photos here.

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