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A smorgasbord of extracurricular activities

  • March 3, 2022

A smorgasbord of extracurricular activities

The beginning of the school year is an exciting time. One choice that comes around quickly for students is selecting their extracurricular activities for the first term and also looking at the options that are available to them later in the year. 

It can be quite overwhelming with so many choices available and so this year, we have put together an Extracurricular booklet so that you can see what is on offer and discuss with your child/children some of the activities that they can be involved in this year.

The benefits of extracurricular activities are exponential where children get the chance to build their skills and interests.

Extracurricular activities boost young people’s confidence to interact socially with others, extend their social networks and provide them with new skills and abilities. Above all, they offer an important space to have fun and relax.

Extracurricular activities help children develop motor skills and improve physical fitness, while also building their cognitive and social skills, which can enhance their sense of well-being.

Extracurricular activity helps children to build self–esteem and leadership qualities.

By taking part in extracurricular activities children build long-lasting friendships and connections, meet students from different backgrounds and gain transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, organisation, problem-solving and time management. 

Please take some time to view the Primary Extracurricular booklet for 2022 and encourage your child/children to get involved.

‘The quality of life is determined by its activities’ Aristotle

Gail Mitchell- Head of Primary

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