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A Sensational Time for Prep

  • March 30, 2015
Learning about the senses is always a treat as we discover how God gave us senses to enjoy the world, learn about the world and keep us safe. On Friday 27 March, groups of Prep children rotated around six different activities as an exciting component of our Science unit about the five senses. We created a sound effects recording to a story called The Yukadoos, made a colourful textured collage, rubbed chalk into salt to make interesting rainbow layered bottles and cooked delicious pancakes. We removed shoes for a ‘tactile walk’, stepping through lots of different things including sticky cooked spaghetti, cotton balls, sand and coloured rice. We pinpricked pictures and made fruit loop necklaces or bracelets and a shaker instrument. Wow! What a lot to have done in a few hours!
Thanks to the teaching assistants, parents and grandparents who helped make this time so sensational.  We are so blessed to have wonderful volunteers who give their time to support the learning experiences we aim to provide the children. Thanks too, to our wonderful cohort of Prep children who behaved magnificently to have fun while learning.
Lin Smith
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