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A plea from one of our students

  • February 7, 2019

A plea from one of our students

This week we received a heart-wrenching plea from one of our students asking us to pass on a simple message to all families.

This student was using the crossing in the school grounds properly with her dad and her little sister. Suddenly her little sister tripped and a car was going straight through the crossing without even stopping or noticing the little child in front of them. If this student’s dad hadn’t been there to quickly pick up her little sister, the outcome could have been devastating.

As a College, we’ve put up signs, sent email reminders, included warnings in our newsletter but there are still avoidable near misses like this one happening. The 10kmph sign is the maximum allowable speed. There are many times (like pick up and drop off) when cars should be crawling to allow enough time to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

A concerned student

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