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A new start

  • February 4, 2015

A new start

What a whirl-wind start to the school year this has been. It has been great to see all the new faces, as well as catch up with some old ones and see what they have been up to on the holidays.

My holiday break was indeed a busy one; I had to prepare for my new role at the College, move house, and the biggest change of all, becoming a dad. Chappy Dani gave birth to Malachi James Bassett on the 4 January 2015, weighing in at 10 lb. 3 oz..


Becoming a father has made me think differently about what it means to have God as our father. Particularly, it has left me amazed at what it means for Him to love me. Malachi is a typical baby. He eats. He sleeps. He cries. He soils nappy after nappy. He never thanks me for changing him, he never apologises for vomiting, and he keeps me up night after night. But I love him. I cannot explain why I love him, because I don’t really understand it myself. I love my Son, unconditionally, simply because I choose to love him.


This is like the Father’s love for us. The bible paints a picture of a God that loves us despite of who we are. Despite of how many times we turn our back on Him and how we have lived our life, God still offers His love to us. We do nothing for Him, similarly to the way my newborn does nothing to help me. Why don’t you make this year the year you embrace the Father’s love for you?

Chappy Dan Bassett


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