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Ancient Christmas for 5W

  • November 28, 2018

Ancient Christmas for 5W

Year 5W were in for a treat last Friday when Pastor Chris Johnson visited our classroom with some very interesting artifacts, photos and stories about some important places from Biblical history.

Everyone loved putting on the Roman soldier’s helmet and trying out the weapons that were used in ancient times, but most interesting of all were the photos that Pastor Chris showed us from his visit to Bethlehem.

It was fascinating to see pictures of the exact place where it is believed that Jesus was born. Although we have been learning about this in class, it was fantastic to see and hear about these places from someone who had been there and could answer our many questions.

We were amazed to learn that Jesus was probably born in a cave that was used as a stable, and the manger would most likely have been made out of stone rather than wood due to the lack of trees in the area.

We saw photos of the stony hills behind Bethlehem and learned what life would have been like during the time Jesus was born. We loved learning about the historical facts and evidence surrounding Jesus’ birth that Pastor Chris showed us and thoroughly enjoyed his visit. What a great beginning to the Christmas season!

Belinda McWilliam

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety.

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