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Point of Lay Pullets for sale

  • November 28, 2018

As part of our Agricultural Science Agribusiness studies, I have set up a small business to sell some of our beautiful farm produce. My business is “Hinterland Hens”.

I am offering 20 week old Point of Lay Pullets for sale. “Hinterland Hens” pullets are purebred Australorp and Hybrid Leghorn breeds. The Australorp chickens (black) are an Australian purebred chicken. They are quiet and gentle chooks, perfect for families. They will lay between 80-240 eggs per year.

The Leghorn chickens (white) are hardy chickens, perfect for adapting to the harsh Australian heat. They are not as quiet as the Australorps, but will lay up to 300 eggs per year.

These gorgeous chickens are available for just $20! Amazing value for many years worth of fresh eggs.

To place your order, please email: jade.king@glasshouse.qld.edu.au with your details and number and breed of chickens required.

Thank you so much for supporting our fantastic livestock and small business.

Kate Jackson

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