Secondary Cross Country Carnival 2018 - GCC

Secondary Cross Country Carnival

  • April 24, 2018

Secondary Cross Country Carnival

This year’s Secondary Cross Country Carnival was a great day with no rain and lots of sunshine! The heat started to increase throughout the day which made hydration and seeking shade an important part of the day for our runners and officials.

The races started from the Beerwah Sports Fields and continued through the surrounding bushland. The level of participation was very high and this ensured the success of the event. Several hard fought wins from our exceptional school athletes were on display as well as commendable efforts from all others who managed to finish the race in the heat.

Amongst participants this year, we have a group of talented runners that through training and determination managed to finish their races within the first six placings. The majority of these runners will have the opportunity to compete at the District and Regional Cross Country competitions.

Congratulations to Ararat who this year managed to win the Middle School Cross Country and to Sinai who took out the Senior School Competition. Congratulations also to Ararat who finished in front overall from Year 3 to Year 12. There was only one point separating Sinai and Zion from second and third place!

Well done to the following Secondary place getters.

Boys Girls

1st – Jaymes Roser

2nd – Tristan Hazelden

3rd – Ryan Hall


1st – Olivia McKenzie

2nd – Meg Jarvis

3rd – Amber Hurst


1st– Noah Moss

2nd– Bryce Sambrook

3rd– Daniel Coumi


1st– Lilli-Jean Cruise

2nd– Chelsea Breen

3rd– Lainey Grieve


1st– Jack James

2nd– Patrick Mackie

3rd– Liam Hallink


1st– Cassidy Ferris

2nd– Gracie Cianta

3rd– Molly McCaughey


1st– Jacob Barbeler

2nd– Jacob Broderick

3rd– Declan Martin


1st– Amity Roser

2nd– Georgia Breen

3rd– Madeleine Roulston


1st– Dominic Ruhle

2nd– Bakani Kombanie

3rd–  Patrick McKenzie


1st– Holley Lubcke

2nd– Chloe Dunford

3rd– Sheyana Brough


1st– Thomas Holley

2nd– Christian Jensen

3rd– Aaron Lerch


1st– Savannah Malan

2nd– Keeley Thomas

3rd– Claire Cornel

 Final house points for Middle School:

1st – Ararat 2nd – Zion 3rd – Sinai
155 136 126

 Final house points for Senior School:

1st – Sinai 2nd – Zion 3rd – Ararat
111 109 73 

Overall winners:

1st – Ararat 2nd – Sinai 3rd – Zion
404 396 395


Jared Bullock, Secondary Teacher

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety.

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