Learning Connections Brisbane School Holiday Workshop - Glasshouse Christian College

Learning Connections Brisbane School Holiday Workshop

  • May 24, 2017

Learning Connections in Brisbane!

Educators – Do children in your class have problems learning, paying attention or with behaviour?
Learning Connections can help!

Brisbane Workshop

Thursday 6th July 8:45am-4pm

and Friday 7th July 9am-3pm

Since 1976, Learning Connections Workshops have been giving teachers easy to use programs for groups of children through:

  • An easily implemented classroom program that benefits all children
  • Specific strategies to improve children’s concentration, listening, learning and behaviour
Effective for:

  • Auditory processing, listening and concentration difficulties
  • Social difficulties Speech and language delay, reading, spelling and maths difficulties
  • Impulsivity, short attention span, difficulty following directions
  • Clumsiness, poor handwriting and organisational skills
  • Sensory processing issues

“The Learning Connections Program was very successful for my Prep class. The parents could see the changes. It awakened the class to cope with the curriculum. After an eight week term of using the Learning Connections School Program every child knew from 20-100 sight words!”

 “I attended the workshop during the last school holidays and was very impressed. I have been implementing the program only for just over a week and am already finding improvements in reading, concentration and physical co-ordination.”

For more information visit: www.learningconnections.com.au

or call 3369 1011

Research Proves Learning Connections Programs work!

The Learning Connections School Program has been evaluated by Australian Catholic University in a world-first research project to determine the effects of a sensory-motor development and primitive reflex inhibition program on the cognitive development in young children.

Results from the beginning of Prep to the end of Prep were compared. Preliminary results (after one year of implementation of the Learning Connections School Program) found statistically significant results in 4 out of 5 areas evaluated, most notably improvements in the following areas:

  • internalising behaviours, such as improved behaviour and decrease in anxiety.
  • fine motor skills
  • visual and cognitive skills
  • early mathematical concepts

Anecdotal feedback from teachers indicated that the children enjoyed participating in the program and there was:

  • noted improvement in children’s settled behaviour once the Learning Connections School Program commenced;
  • marked advancement in school readiness;
  • improvement in the teachers’ daily teaching experience as the whole class became calmer and more focused for learning.

What Teachers say about Learning Connections School Program:

  • Everything was valuable! I learned what to look for in students and how to respond!
  • It was great to learn what activities can help what problems
  • All activities appropriate and relevant to Prep classrooms.
  • A program that will make a difference to children but is not cost/time prohibitive
  • The most valuable was the visual, auditory and sensory information and the exercises to enhance these.
  • The Learning Connections program has given me insight in the ways I can address some of the behavioural concerns I am observing.
  • Learning to look at the whole picture and not just sections of developmental stages was invaluable
  • Everything was totally understandable, logical, practical and inspiring. Seminar was kept light and fun, alternating physical movement and direct instruction.

Please send the completed registration form (attached) to PO Box 11, Paddington QLD 4064 or info@learningconnections.com.au  by 30/6/17.

For more information contact Dianne at Learning Connections

on 07 3369 1011 or visit our website: www.learningconnections.com.au

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