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3 reasons the PingPongAThon was a success!

  • November 20, 2019
  1. We built Community
    At the 2019 PingPongAThon it was great to see all kinds of students from most year levels participate in raising money and awareness about the Pong. The all-nighter was so much fun with many students encouraging each other to stay awake and building a deeper level of community.
  2. We built Empathy
    It was amazing to see the students that participated in the Pong actually care about an issue that was bigger than themselves. The Pong has partner organisations in South East Asia and beyond that fight every day to free young people from a lifetime of slavery.
  3. We raised money
    So far we have raised $1,388 for the 2019 PingPongAThon, and we have contributed to the almost $400,000 raised this year in similar events just like this one in Australia and the USA. And you can still make donations until the end of the year by going to www.pingpongathon.com/glasshousepong
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