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OCD Busters

  • January 31, 2024

OCD Busters

Does your child show symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)?

  • Do they engage in time-consuming habits or rituals, or excessive and repeated behaviours that they find difficult to stop?
  • Or do they experience bothersome thoughts that tend to get stuck in their mind, which cause them distress?
  • Or do family members have to accommodate to symptoms of OCD – helping your child to complete rituals and/or avoid certain situations or places due to fear?

If this sounds familiar, your child may have OCD, and Griffith University can help.

Between 4 and 13 years of age.

Griffith University’s OCD Busters team is conducting a nationwide research study called Families Accessing online Skills Training in CBT (FAST-CBT). The program trains parents in CBT-ERP skills through online learning modules and therapist-guided videoconference group sessions. All assessments, materials, and treatment are completed from home, and the entire program is free of charge.

If you’re a parent/caregiver of a child aged 4-13 with signs or a diagnosis of OCD, interested in participation or seeking more information, you can email us at ocdbustersgc@griffith.edu.au, phone on (07) 5678 8317 or complete the Contact Us Form. Our research team will be in touch.

About the Program: FAST-CBT for Paediatric OCD

Griffith University is conducting a nationwide clinical research trial called Families Accessing online Skills Training in CBT (FAST-CBT) for Paediatric OCD. This program, funded by Australian Rotary Mental Health, is designed for parents of children aged 4-13 with emerging symptoms or a diagnosis of OCD.

What is FAST-CBT?

The aim of the study is to assess the effectiveness of a multimodal online training intervention to help parents enhance their skills in exposure response prevention (ERP), the gold-standard treatment for OCD. This initiative is part of the broader OCD Busters Program of research led by Professor Lara Farrell.

More information is in this flyer.

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