Sock puppets in Year 1W - Glasshouse Christian College

Sock puppets in Year 1W

  • October 7, 2021

Sock puppets in Year 1W

Creativity is a lot of fun and the results can bring us such joy! In Week 9 of Term 3, the students in Year 1W made some extra special sock puppets.

We have been learning about how people in the past used what they had to make homemade toys for children. This was a cost-effective solution. We created our sock puppets then had a chance to play with them with our friends. Each puppet is unique! Our creations included a king and a few queens, a bunny, a snake, a whale shark, a TRex, two dudes on a motorbike and lots of funny fellows. 

GCC families can see these photos and many more in this Pixevety album: Year 1W Term 3 Week 9

Lin Smith

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