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Senior School News 4 April 2014

  • April 2, 2014

Senior School News 4 April 2014

Year 11 Camp – ANZAC Adventure Camp

Our Year 11 students returned from their Emu Gully camp instilled with the ANZAC values of Perseverance, Mateship, Courage and Self Sacrifice in their minds.  The activities they did included such things as building bridges, mud runs, dragging 4WD buggies through mud, racing buggies through a paddock, cycling and navigating through a course. The teachers and leaders at the camp are now hoping that these values will become more a part of their everyday lives.  Each activity the students did was centered around a battle or trial that our armed services have had to go through.  There was the Mekong Delta, the Burma Bridge, the Kokoda Track just to name a few.  Students roughed it at night using tents as shelter and they had to boil water for showers.  They cooked their own food from rations they were given each day.  This was not a holiday camp.  On one evening my group was led to a dark hillside where the leader opened a special shaft into a long tunnel.  He told the story of the tunnel rats during the Vietnam War and then as a group, with no torches, we climbed through this maze of tunnels in total darkness.  These activities really pushed the students.

I was particularly impressed when, on the last day of camp, a number of students spoke publicly to thank their peers, the staff and the Emu Gully leaders as well.  They expressed the fears and concerns they had prior to going on camp and then shared how they had grown through the trials and challenges of camp and how they had built relationships with other students that will help them in the last two years of their schooling.  I am confident that every student learned so much more about themselves and that the camp was well worth the pain that they went through.


I think it is so relevant that after such a great camp we now get to remember the sacrifice of the ANZACS on 25 April.  All students are encouraged to march with the Beerwah community.  This is the first Friday back after the holidays so please keep this date free.  I particularly encourage the Year 12s to make an effort to attend this important event as it is the last time they will get to march in this way for the College.

The Greatest Example of the Spirit of the ANZACS

As we remember the sacrifice of the ANZACS it is also important that we remember the greatest sacrifice of all history, the death of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  At Easter we remember how this one man gave his life freely so that we can all have a relationship with God.  John 3:16 summarises this amazing event “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

The story doesn’t finish though with Christ’s death.  Even more amazingly, Christ conquered death and rose again.  This is the miracle of Easter!

Reports and Parent Teacher Interviews

The Term 1 Progress Reports will be emailed to families early next week.  With the reports, there will be instructions on using our online booking service for the Parent Teacher Interviews.   These are to be held over two evenings on Wednesday, 30 April and Thursday, 1 May.

This year we are encouraging you to bring your son/daughter to the interviews so that they are aware upfront the discussions that are held and can also be answerable at the meeting about their level of effort and their attitude to study.  If however you want to have a confidential discussion about your child’s progress then please take the liberty to ask your child to step aside as you meet with staff.

Aerosol-Free School

Certain products can have devastating effects on individuals at school.  This includes well known things such as nut products.  Another that can easily be avoided are aerosols.  Please ensure your child does not bring any aerosols to school.

Winter Uniform in Term 2

Please remember that the GCCC winter uniform is required for Term 2 and 3. For boys this means their shirt must be tucked in and belt and tie must be worn. For the girls, it just means that black opaque tights are optional. This is a good time to remind you that from 2015 the College blazer will be compulsory for all Senior Students.


I trust and pray you will have a wonderful Easter break with your family.  I hope that you keep safe and that all students return to school on 22 April refreshed and ready to work hard for the remainder of Semester One.

God Bless,

David Heyworth, Head of Senior School

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