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Year 3 Excursion to Bankfoot House and The Australian Teamsters Hall of Fame

  • May 9, 2019

Students from Year 3 had an amazing time on the excursion to Bankfoot House and The Australian Teamsters Hall of Fame. Each Year 3 class went on the excursion on separate days. Class 3W were first cab off the rank going on Monday 29 April, followed by 3M on Tuesday 30 of April and lastly attended by 3G on Thursday 2 May.

Students were keen as beans to go on the excursion. Students caught the Glasshouse bus and took the short journey to The Australian Teamsters Hall of Fame. Here students enjoyed a true Australian experience by eating damper covered in butter and golden syrup. They then learnt about Cobb & Co carriages and were lucky enough to have a turn sitting in one of them. The students loved feeling the bounce of the carriage as Steve the presenter moved the coach up and down.

Students then crossed the road to Bankfoot House. It was here that students broke into four groups and rotated around four stations.

At the first station students became artefact handlers. Students saw lots of different artefacts like coal irons, metal nut crackers, and a whole lot more. Wearing white cotton gloves, students were able to handle these fragile items and brush them down to clean them.

At the second rotation students entered the farm shed and saw old farming equipment that was used to farm the land and transport heavy objects. Students were very impressed with the size of the equipment and how hard it would have been to operate them.

At the third rotation, students participated in making their own butter. Students used cream and a butter churner to make their own delicious butter. Students were able to enjoy this butter on a piece of tasty white bread.

Finally, students were able to see the famous Bankfoot House. Students were in awe of all the delicate and interesting objects found in the home. They especially found the small bedrooms and the pianola piano very interesting to see. Students truly felt like they were stepping back in time to a world so different to the one they know now.

After a long day out learning about the local history of Beerwah, students returned to school and reflected on a wonderful day filled with fun, excitement and new experiences.

Sarah Jennings, Amy Eskdale, Desley Maciejewski, Year 3 Team

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